If my work is going help you achieve your business goals, I need to know what they are — and so do you.

You should come away from our first conversation with a clearer idea of where you are and where you want to go from here.

Do you have website copy that needs editing? 

Maybe a new menu that needs an attractive and functional layout before it goes to press?

How about an employee manual that needs research, writing and layout?

Or a whole lot of classroom materials that need to be repurposed for the web?

Any job, any project, I can bring multiple skills to the table. 

For a better idea of what I have to offer, take a look around the site. The Services page gives a quick overview, or you can go straight to the Writing, Editing and Design pages for the details. Or just shoot me an email at hpwritedesign@gmail.com. I'm always ready to talk about what you need.


You need work that fits in with your brand.

I’ll start by analyzing your existing materials, in print or on the web. But the best part is getting to know you: what you do, what you like, and what you aspire to be.


The best work grows out of an on-going relationship.

So it's my goal to make every client a return customer. I make sure you get exactly what you need, this time and every time.

what can I do for you today?

holly phillips

writing & design




Hiring a freelancer can be about more than just outsourcing skills. You can also get a fresh perspective on your business needs. 

added value

for more about added value, visit the bundles page