holly phillips

writing & design

putting the pieces together.

Communication projects can be complicated, demanding consistent content and style across many materials.

They are also often time-sensitive. The more people who are involved, the more likely there will be gaps and slow-downs.

So here are some suggestions for combining my skill sets to gain simplicity, consistency and peace of mind. The bundles here are only examples. If you’re not sure what your project needs, please get in touch. I’m more than willing to help you figure it out.

Whether it’s a how-to or a documentation of policies and procedures, a manual is a big job.

It calls for research, writing, graphics, and particular care in structure and layout. That’s why I love manuals: they let me use all my skills.

  • research
  • writing
  • layout
  • design: graphics, charts, tables, system or procedure illustrations, infographics

Educators at all levels build their own curriculum material. Rightly so: they are the experts in the classroom. But most are too busy to add technical writing, editing, layout and design to their workload.

This is where I come in. You provide the content and the specific needs of your learning environment, and I provide clean, consistent, usable materials.

  • copy editing
  • plain-language rewriting
  • consistency control
  • graphics
  • collateral: self-tests, study aids, course overviews, PowerPoint

A good presentation does more than inform. It surprises, entertains, inspires, and motivates people to take action. But not everyone is a TED Talk natural.

No matter how important the content, if the presentation is weak the message will never reach its destination: your audience’s hearts and minds. I can help.

  • structural editing
  • plain-language rewriting
  • delivery coaching
  • PowerPoint
  • posters
  • graphics
  • takeaways: flyers, handouts, “key message” memorabilia (pins, fridge magnets, etc.)

Anyone who produces a newsletter is a publisher. But not everyone has a publisher’s tools: editing, layout and design.

I can help you make something that’s clean, attractive and easy to read. And I can either do it once, setting up templates and guidelines to help you as you go, or I can do it for every issue.

  • copy editing
  • layout
  • design: logo, graphics, cover

Self-publishing is now a viable option for writers who want to reach a big audience while keeping control of production and distribution. But “keeping control” doesn’t have to mean “doing all the work.”

I can help with the nitty-gritty, leaving you free to focus on your marketing plan. And if you need help with a marketing plan, I can do that too.

  • structural and copy editing
  • cover design
  • layout (for print)
  • marketing: plan, web copy, print ads, personal branding, giveaways (bookmarks, fridge magnets, etc.)