holly phillips

writing & design

document design

A good design shouldn’t just make you want to stop and read something — it should make you keep on reading to the end.

This is as true for a simple feedback form as it is for an infographic. Which is why my designer’s hat looks a lot like my editor’s: clarity and coherence are key.

 What kind of design do I do? I work mostly on projects intended for print.*  

adding value

for more about added value, visit the bundles page

personal branding 

Everything from your logo to your business cards, letterhead, résumé and interview leave-behinds.

corporate branding

As above, only company-wide.


  • flyers
  • direct-mail cards
  • calendars
  • tee-shirts
  • mugs
  • bookmarks
  • signs
  • print ads
  • trade-show posters
  • CD covers
  • book covers
  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • books
  • chapbooks
  • journals
  • magazines
  • reports


  • manuals
  • newsletters
  • forms
  • logbooks


For teaching, for advertising, for the sheer fun of it.


Artists and designers know all about portfolios, but anyone can showcase their best work. A print portfolio looks great at an interview or hiring fair, and it can be part of the package for a trade-show display as well.


  • Powerpoint
  • posters
  • handouts
  • takeaways (flyers, brochures, etc.)

The collaboration between a designer and a writer can be incredibly fruitful. It can also be incredibly exasperating, especially for the client: you have to make sure a lot of people are all on the same page — your page.

Hiring a designer who is also a writer can simplify the process (and keep everybody's blood pressure down). 

It also means that the design really will serve the content, and the content will fit the design.

I don’t write code. But if you need support planning your website — strategy, architecture, look — I’d be happy to help you out with that. I can always find you a web developer for the technical stuff.

Unless you want something simple, in which case, well, look around this site: I made it by adapting a GoDaddy template.