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structural editing

Good editing supports good writing, making any text easier to read.

But as a writer I also know that the personality of a piece of writing can be vital. Whether your tone is formal, academic or down-to-earth, my job is to make your writing sound more like you, not less.

 What kind of editing do I do? 

adding value

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At the level of whole paragraphs, sections, chapters and parts.

What you need if you’re working to get a handle on the basic structure or logic of a document (i.e., what information goes where).

copy editing

At the sentence level.

What you need if you’re confident in the structure but not so sure about the grammar, spelling, consistency, clarity or concision.


At the typo level.

What you need if you’re just about ready to go to press but need that final run-through to cover your ahem.

The interaction between editors and designers can be time-sensitive and heavy on frustration: last-minute changes, hasty proofreading, more last-minute changes.

How much simpler it would be if you could make editing and design all part of the same process. 

not sure what kind of editing your project needs? no problem. it's all part of my estimate.