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​​Good writing is about more than just documentation. It's about building a bridge between you and your readers.

  • technical manuals
  • website copy
  • marketing copy
  • training manuals
  • reports
  • proposals
  • educational material 


Editors don't impose their opinions or anything else: they serve the writing.

  • structural editing
  • copyediting
  • proofreading 

document design

​​Design backs up the content. It never shoves the content into the background.

  • personal branding
  • corporate branding
  • marketing
  • layout
  • infographics
  • portfolios

Only you know what you need.

My role is to listen, ask the right questions and confirm that I’m on the right track. So I put a lot of emphasis on communication at all stages of a project, from start to finish.

What if your team knows you need to take action on a communications project, but no one is sure how to proceed?

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to uncover overlooked assets and keep the conversation flowing. I’m here to help. All I need is a whiteboard (and I can bring my own).

Planning keeps any project on time and on line.

I begin every job at the whiteboard, sketching out goals, priorities and structure. And if you need help planning a big project, I’d be more than happy to give you a hand.

holly phillips

writing & design

On this page you’ll find a brief overview of what I do. I go into more detail on my Writing, Editing and Design pages. You can skip over to the Bundles page to get an idea of how the mix-and-match approach might work. Or you can send me an email telling me about your project. If I can’t help you out, I probably know someone who can.

for more about what I have to offer, visit the bundles page

I am a writer, editor and document designer.

I can work in any one of those fields, or I can wear multiple hats for a single project. My hope is that you’ll take a mix-and-match approach, drawing on as many of my skills as will serve your needs.