holly phillips

writing & design


technical manuals

​Any kind of how-to.

Good writing is easy to read and easy to remember.

Really good writing has personality. Great writing makes the complex idea simple to grasp, turning the tangled ball of yarn into a single meaningful strand. It takes a lot of work, but the result is amazing: a reader walking away with a new idea in his or her head.

Writing is my first love. Over 15 years of writing and publishing off-beat fiction, I have honed my imagination and my passion for language. But I also have an editor’s love for clarity, and I keep my designer’s eye focussed on concision and punchy messaging.

 What kind of writing do I do? Almost anything.

adding value

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educational material

  • workbooks
  • textbooks
  • ​fact sheets
  • presentations

website copy 

​​Marketing or informational.

  • features
  • case studies
  • profiles
  • reviews

marketing copy

  • ​​catalogues
  • book jackets
  • posters
  • brochures
  • packaging

training manuals

For students, volunteers or employees.


​From annual reports to project-based reports.


  • business proposals
  • grant proposals
  • marriage proposals

don't see what you need? don't worry. these are more like examples than an exhaustive list.

Most of the projects on this page benefit from good design. And having the writer do the layout and design isn’t just convenient: it means you can be sure that the design will serve the content.

If I can write it, I can edit it. However, see note.

Note: I write clean copy, but no writer is the best editor of her own work. So I try out what I write on a beta reader, unless confidentiality issues suggest otherwise.


Helpful if you have multiple authors collaborating on a document that needs a unified voice.